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Happy New Year! Vegan meals and yoga for 2011!

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vintage veggie printHappy New Year! 2011 is auspicious in numerology. 2+0+1+1=4 and four represents stability like the legs of a table or chair. So, I’ve decided to get a healthy start and eat more vegan meals. I ate vegan for 14 years. I felt great and looked great. I ate as much as I wanted and didn’t gain weight! I went through several health issues that led me to eating stronger proteins (lean poultry and fish). This year, I’m feeling strong, and want to eat more vegan meals. I don’t know if I’ll go full out vegan, I may have a bit of fish and lean poultry here and there, but it’s good for the environment (the fossil fuels used to create 1lb of beef, pork, or poultry far outweigh that of creating soybeans, good on the wallet (meat is expensive!), and good on the body (less fat, cholesterol, drugs (antibiotics and hormones!).

Right now, my goal is to do 2 vegan days a week and see how I feel. If I have energy and stamina, then I will add more. I already eat at least one vegan meal and all vegan snacks every day, but I’m excited for more!

I also want to get back to a regular yoga practice. I walk on lovely nature trails here in Wisconsin and that is fabulous, but yoga adds variety, moves my body and muscles in ways I don’t every day, and centers me, body, mind, and spirit. My husband has been joining me and that’s been great! My favorite yoga classes online are by Esther at, she embodies the calm, strong, spirit of yoga and explains in simple, patient, language how to do the poses.

So, what are your New Year’s resolutions? I hope you join me by adding vegan meals or vegan days to your diet, here’s a menu I created to get started!  ( I will follow with recipes asap, in the meantime, use recipes you like and replace meats/dairy/eggs with tofu/tempeh/soy or rice milks/cheeses). -Amy Roemer 1-1-11

Amy’s Vegan Menu




oatmeal with dried/fresh fruit/seeds/nuts/almond milk

salad w/blackened salmon(or tempeh)


rice bread/lentil yam mash/peanut butter/kale

tofu/brown rice/veggies

The Spot savory steamers and brown rice

tofu scramble w/ veggies

black bean soup

tortilla pizzas

fruit and soy milk

curried tempeh tuna salad

tofu rice and veggies

buckwheat pancakes/fruit/nuts

veggie chips with melted soy cheese and black beans

bean loaf

cashew spread on toast

pinto bean/quinoa burger with sauteed onions/carrots/spinach

potato/carrot hash melted soy cheese/ crispy spinach

smoothie and muffin

edamame w/ avocado sushi rolls

baked potato or yam with fixin’s

Food Prep Day!

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Roasted veggies, apple bread, rice noodles, and butternut squash on Food Prep Day

Roasted veggies, apple bread, rice noodles, and butternut squash on Food Prep Day

This lovely October morning in the Midwest, the trees are orange and yellow and the sun is shining and it’s Food Prep Day at my house! Twice a week is my goal, but at least once a week, my husband takes our 5 year old daughter on an adventure for a couple of hours and I head for the kitchen to prepare food for the week!

One reason I do this, is that I have several food allergies and having food at the ready makes my life sooooo much easier! Second, it saves lots of time for me and my family and we eat healthy, made with love food more often. Third, we have cut our grocery bill in half! By preparing the perishable foods we’ve already bought, we make it much more likely that we will eat it before it spoils. It’s been all over the news that Americans throw out tons of food each year due to spoilage. Not only is that hard on the wallet, it’s sad to imagine all the work that went into each plant from seedling to harvest and each animal’s life that was supported, then given so that we could eat it, gets wasted! I know, I’m guilty of it, too. But, I’m trying to make a change and my Food Prep Days have made a huge difference!

Here’s how my Food Prep Days go. I recommend shopping the day of or the day before, so that your perishables are as fresh as possible. I pick two grains. Today, I cooked a pot of rice pasta (good for side dishes) and made 2 buckwheat breads (one rosemary flat bread for snacking and sandwiches and one apple bread for desserts). I have gluten sensitivity and a yeast allergy, so making my own breads really makes a difference for me in the week!

Next, I pick vegetables. Today I had a butternut squash that I quartered and baked ( I can cube it or mash it for meals), I had a daikon radish, carrot, onion, and garlic that I cut into 1/4” slices and baked with a bit of oil, thyme and sea salt….yum! (And there’s no way during a busy week that that daikon radish would get sliced and cooked…it would be heading to the dumpster if I hadn’t cooked it!). I threw in 4 potatoes to bake for my husband and daughter (I’m avoiding nightshades at the moment). I don’t think my husband would think of baking a potato during the week, but if I bake them, he’ll mash them, so that’s an easy one, esp. since I have the oven going!). If I have any greens, I’ll wash them and bag them. One less step means I’m more likely to toss them in a bowl with some dressing and eat them!

Protein is an important one to remember! I pick two, today I am baking some chicken breast to later slice for sandwiches, dice into a chicken/noodle salad (using the rice noodles I cooked….see, it all comes together!) and salmon, which we can eat whole, or cut for a tuna like salad. I like to mix it in with Veganaise ( a mayonnaise substitute, it’s low in cholesterol and egg-free, I’m allergic to eggs).

After cooking all my items, I let them cool, and of course sample them! Then, put them in containers and store them. It’s like having a buffet in your fridge!

Right now, my Food Prep Days are Sunday, a weekend day, so I’m likely to at least get that one in, and Wednesday, middle of the week, so I replenish until Sunday. Most times, my husband occupies our daughter while I do this, but other times, she helps me with part of it, or I plan our day so that I wear her out (play, go to the park, swim, etc…), then come home and cook while she watches a movie or draws. So, it can be done. I’ve even done it late at night, because it really makes life so much easier.

So, the benefits of Food Prep Day are having healthy home cooked meals at the ready, cutting your grocery bill by up to half, wasting less perishable food, and having respect for our environment, plants, and animals that we consume! Remember, that prepared and packaged foods have far more calories, fat, and unhealthy ingredients in them. Eating home cooked meals can also help you lose weight and have healthier skin and hair!

Now my food is all prepped, I can go out and enjoy the amazing fall day and when I get home, I will have a bounty of good food to choose from to replenish myself! Let’s hear it for Food Prep Day, start yours today! -Amy Roemer October 10, 2010

Cuckoo for Coconuts!

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Coconuts, we’ve seen them as the savior on many a film or tv program, think Gilligan and the Skipper, too! Tom Hanks in Cast Away! Sometimes referred to as a tropical fruit, others say it is a tree nut. In any case, it packs a lot of nutritional punch. Coconuts provide protein, vitamins B and C, calcium, Iron, and phosphorus, as well as a healthy fat, essential for good health.

Coconut water is used to treat kidney and urinary/bladder issues, building muscles, treating sore throat, stomach ulcers, constipation, goiters, and is great for your skin (wrinkle remover) and hair! Almost makes you want to live on a deserted island!

How do we get more coconut in our diet in a healthy way? One thing I like to do is take an old spice jar, fill it with 1/3 cinnamon and 2/3 finely shredded coconut. In the morning, I sprinkle that on my toast or oatmeal and get that cinnamon toast taste without the sugar! (You can also add some sugar, if you want).

Another way I like to get coconut into my diet is to replace 1/4 of the flour in a bread or cookie recipe with finely shredded coconut (if you can’t find it, just get any shredded coconut and grind it in your blender at home). The healthiest choice is unsweetened and organic, of course! Start where you are comfortable. The coconut adds moisture and sweetness, yum!

I made a simple coconut flax bread using finely shredded coconut, ground flax, apple sauce, and cinnamon. So simple and so delicious toasted with a bit of Earth Balance (vegan butter substitute).

Amy's Coconut Flax Mini Loaf

Amy's Coconut Flax Mini Loaf

Amy’s Coconut Flax Mini Loaf:

1 Cup finely shredded coconut

1 Cup ground flax

1 Tsp cinnamon

1/4 Cup apple sauce

1 Tsp Vanilla (optional)

1/4 Cup warm water

Measure 1 Cup of ground flax, spoon out 2 teaspoons and place in a small bowl with 1/4 Cup warm water, set aside for 5 minutes or until the flax becomes thick ( This is used as a binder, you can also use egg whites if you like)

Mix all other ingredients in a bowl, add the thick flax. Mix together. Add more warm water or almond (or other milk) to the mixture if more moisture is needed. It should be a thick mix, not runny.

Place dough in an oiled mini bread loaf pan (available at Michael’s) and bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes or until browned.

Let cool, eat plain, or toast with Earth Balance, cashew butter, etc…!

(double the recipe for a standard bread loaf pan)

Enjoy! -Amy Roemer 9-9-10

A great source for coconut recipes is: