It’s fall, Thanksgiving is on it’s way, time for something yummy and healthy to eat on the go or top on salads, it’s quick and easy to make, too!

Toasty Harvest Pumpkin Seeds

raw pumpkin seeds (no shell) appx. 1/2 pound
raw sunflower seeds (no shell) appx. 1/2 pound
dried cranberries 1 cup
honey (optional) 1 tbsp.
soy sauce (or alternative like Tamari, I like Bragg’s) appx. 3 tbsp.
sea salt ( or alternative like herbs or table salt, I like coarse sea salt) appx. 1/2 tsp.

Fill a large frying pan or cast iron pan with the raw pumpkin and raw sunflower seeds so that the pan is filled to about 1/2″ depth

Sprinkle with salt

Have salt and soy sauce standing by

Turn heat on to medium and stir with a wooden spoon frequently

When the seeds are browned ( should happen in just a few minutes), remove from heat.

Stir in soy sauce ( just a quick splash of it over the top layer of seeds) moving spoon quickly to avoid burning.

Add a spoonful of honey, stirring quickly as before.

Let cool, then add in desired amount of dried cranberries, mix and serve!

Toasty Harvest Pumpkin Seeds are great on salads, as a side dish for hearty meals, like on Thanksgiving, or just as a healthy snack!

Cranberries have bacteria blocking compounds that help in preventing Urinary Tract Infections, Ulcers, and gum disease.

Pumpkin seeds are a powerful food! They are linked to overall prostate health, bladder function, prevention of Osteoporosis (due to zinc), treats depression (L-tryptophan), parasites, lowers LDL cholesterol,prevents kidney stones, and 1/2 cup provides 92% of your daily dose of magnesium!

Enjoy your healthy snack!