Amy’s Vegan Menu

Here is a rough draft of a seven day vegan menu plan. Remember, you don’t have to commit to being vegan every day, start by adding vegan meals and vegan days to your diet. Benefits include low cholesterol, low fat, low antibiotic/hormone intake (fed to animals), weight loss, to name a few! Enjoy! -Amy Roemer 1-1-11

vintage veggie print

Amy’s Vegan Menu




oatmeal with dried/fresh fruit/seeds/nuts/almond milk

salad w/blackened salmon(or tempeh)


rice bread/lentil yam mash/peanut butter/kale

tofu/brown rice/veggies

The Spot savory steamers and brown rice

tofu scramble w/ veggies

black bean soup

tortilla pizzas

fruit and soy milk

curried tempeh tuna salad

tofu rice and veggies

buckwheat pancakes/fruit/nuts

veggie chips with melted soy cheese and black beans

bean loaf

cashew spread on toast

pinto bean/quinoa burger with sauteed onions/carrots/spinach

potato/carrot hash melted soy cheese/ crispy spinach

smoothie and muffin

edamame w/ avocado sushi rolls

baked potato or yam with fixin’s