Amy RoemerAmy Roemer is on her own personal journey of healing. In 1987, Amy had her first episode of unexplained back pain. Over the years Amy had back pain so severe that she landed in emergency rooms, became a patient to countless doctors Western and Eastern alike, has sought out dozens of healers and books, taken prescription medications, herbs, and restrictive diets.  Amy’s pain could be unbearable at times, she missed work, weddings, and vacations, underwent 4 surgeries and spent tens of thousands of dollars on health costs all in the search for pain relief. While some of the doctors and healers helped, her back pain persisted, unaffected by herbs and medicines. Through a series of practices that Amy learned over the years, She created her 5 Simple Steps to Healing Your Life and put them all together into practice with amazing results! Now, she wants to share them with you! She received her attunement in Reiki, a form of hands on healing, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she now resides with her husband and daughter, in 2009.

Amy’s art has been shown in galleries and art festivals in Massachusetts, Illinois, and California. Her pieces are full of emotion and vibrant color. Her art is in private collections across the country and in Japan. Her painting “Your Song” is owned by singer/songwriter Alanis Morisette.  Amy has painted and made art her entire life, she attended Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Santa Monica College in California, and studied under pastel artist Mark Miloff in Western Massachusetts Berkshire Mountains. Amy’s poetry has been published and awarded, her paintings were honored by an award from the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA. Amy has been a member of the West Coast Pastel Society, Ten Women Venice artists cooperative, and The Malibu Art Association.

Amy Ryan bio photoAmy Ryan is a person on a journey… trying to self actualize, feel better and learn more with each day. Amy first had severe headaches in the mid to late 90s. At their worst she experienced recurrent migraines. When one came it was nearly impossible for her to function until the migraine ended. Medication helped somewhat and gradually migraines decreased in frequency. They were for many years replaced with tension headaches and neck pain. Also in the late 90s were several bouts of unexplained chest pain. Fatigue became a concern in the 2000s. Throughout her life she consulted doctors and wellness practitioners of many kinds with varying success. Her pain had improved somewhat but her discomfort and energy level were still not where she wanted them to be. As the years went by Amy learned and read more… Gradually by embracing a more multifaceted approach, Amy’s quality of life has greatly improved. She no longer looks only outward, hoping for a practitioner to ease her pain, but looks also looks inward, gives more attention to her thinking and takes better care of herself. She has discovered some simple practices that are changing her life and she would be glad to share them with you in hopes that what is working for her may work for you too!

Amy received her attunement in Reiki, levels 1 and 2, in 2009, in Milwaukee, WI, where she resides with her family.

She is a K-8 certified teacher currently at home raising her daughter. She has always been interested in art and paints, crafts, exercises, reads and writes in her free moments.