A Healing Valentine

Flight of Love Sit quietly for a moment. Listen. Feel. What is your body telling you? What is your spirit telling you? Do one small act as an answer. Today, after all my efforts to stay well, taking airborne, using my neti pot to drain my sinuses, eating leafy greens and juicing, I still got the cold that my daughter came home from kindergarten with. I had a large installation of artwork I was due to put up this week and tried my best to be well for it, but after all of that, I still woke up with my chest fully congested, a productive cough….how ironic to call it a “productive” cough, when I feel so unproductive.

So, I sat quietly in meditation. I listened. What does my body need, my spirit need? I am one to avoid confrontation at all costs, but one recent one came to my mind during this. One I had felt I had put aside and was okay about. I listened. I felt. When someone I love is upset with me, I have an unconscious fear that this will be the end, they will be taken away, or never speak with me again. Perhaps that stems from my father and mother both being in ICU when I was a teen or a friend dying when I was 15, or my father dying when I was in my 20’s or…is doesn’t really matter why, what I discovered is that my body and my spirit, need to know that it is safe to love and safe to be loved. Chest congestion, centered right in the heart chakra, a perfect space to settle my grief on this matter.

So, how to act on this? I created a new affirmation for myself “It is safe to be loved, it is safe to love.” My first act, is self love. Cover myself with a blanket, make some tea, take medicine, rest, all things I would do for my daughter or my husband.

The next step, is a little more shaky, I’m unsure how to feel safe, but I’ll start with the love I give and receive from my daughter and my husband, perhaps the safest love I’ve had in my life. Then, open my heart more to the love that is out there for me. That is a bit scary for me, however crazy that seems, but I will try my best, and do some heart opening yoga poses. Upward facing dog, cat and cow poses, bridge pose.

Any step toward giving my body and spirit what they need will be healing. Being perfect isn’t my goal, just listening and trying in the moment instead of pushing down, or setting aside.

So love, it is safe to be loved, it is safe to love. Happy Valentine’s Day from Life Art Healing!-Amy Roemer 2-11-11

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