Happy New Year! Vegan meals and yoga for 2011!

vintage veggie printHappy New Year! 2011 is auspicious in numerology. 2+0+1+1=4 and four represents stability like the legs of a table or chair. So, I’ve decided to get a healthy start and eat more vegan meals. I ate vegan for 14 years. I felt great and looked great. I ate as much as I wanted and didn’t gain weight! I went through several health issues that led me to eating stronger proteins (lean poultry and fish). This year, I’m feeling strong, and want to eat more vegan meals. I don’t know if I’ll go full out vegan, I may have a bit of fish and lean poultry here and there, but it’s good for the environment (the fossil fuels used to create 1lb of beef, pork, or poultry far outweigh that of creating soybeans, good on the wallet (meat is expensive!), and good on the body (less fat, cholesterol, drugs (antibiotics and hormones!).

Right now, my goal is to do 2 vegan days a week and see how I feel. If I have energy and stamina, then I will add more. I already eat at least one vegan meal and all vegan snacks every day, but I’m excited for more!

I also want to get back to a regular yoga practice. I walk on lovely nature trails here in Wisconsin and that is fabulous, but yoga adds variety, moves my body and muscles in ways I don’t every day, and centers me, body, mind, and spirit. My husband has been joining me and that’s been great! My favorite yoga classes online are by Esther at www.yogatic.com, she embodies the calm, strong, spirit of yoga and explains in simple, patient, language how to do the poses.

So, what are your New Year’s resolutions? I hope you join me by adding vegan meals or vegan days to your diet, here’s a menu I created to get started!  ( I will follow with recipes asap, in the meantime, use recipes you like and replace meats/dairy/eggs with tofu/tempeh/soy or rice milks/cheeses). -Amy Roemer 1-1-11

Amy’s Vegan Menu




oatmeal with dried/fresh fruit/seeds/nuts/almond milk

salad w/blackened salmon(or tempeh)


rice bread/lentil yam mash/peanut butter/kale

tofu/brown rice/veggies

The Spot savory steamers and brown rice

tofu scramble w/ veggies

black bean soup

tortilla pizzas

fruit and soy milk

curried tempeh tuna salad

tofu rice and veggies

buckwheat pancakes/fruit/nuts

veggie chips with melted soy cheese and black beans

bean loaf

cashew spread on toast

pinto bean/quinoa burger with sauteed onions/carrots/spinach

potato/carrot hash melted soy cheese/ crispy spinach

smoothie and muffin

edamame w/ avocado sushi rolls

baked potato or yam with fixin’s

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