January Pants! Or choosing to indulge over the holidays!

Christmas-Cakes-and-cookiesIt’s the holiday season, and no matter what holiday you celebrate, you’re bound to be inundated with candy, cakes, and an abundance of calorie rich foods! How lucky we are to live in such a bountiful country! Okay, so do you tend to overindulge over the holidays and can’t button your pants on January 1st? Feel guilty about every cake, glass of Bailey’s and cookie you ate? What if you went into this holiday season deciding to overindulge? What if you said to yourself. “It’s the holidays. I enjoy eating beautifully decorated desserts and home-cooked comfort foods with friends and family.” Take the guilt right out of the equation by choosing what you want to do and being okay with it.

Go out and buy a pair of pants one size up and call them your January pants! Then you can also decide that in January, you will go back to (or begin) choosing healthy foods and exercise. Buy a pair (or dust off an old pair) of yoga pants and call them your February pants! Because you’ll be taking walks, doing yoga, cycling, whatever it is you enjoy doing that gets you moving, and heading to Whole Foods, in February!

When we make a conscious choice of when we are going to eat something for pleasure and when we’re going to eat something for health, we can release guilt, we become empowered. What we believe is what manifests in our bodies. By taking control and making a plan, we not only become empowered, we lose the stress every time we grab a cookie, we lose the fear of lack, and that is much healthier than being a guilt riddled famished wreck over the holidays!

So indulge! Imbibe! And I’m betting, that with your new guilt-free attitude, you’ll be grabbing for less, anyway!

Amy Roemer – 12-1-10

  1. You are so right Amy. As a French girl, this is how I used to eat all the time: without guilt whatsoever and enjoying a lot of everything. Then I moved to the US and very slowly I began to feel the guilt creeping (it took a while though!)…..now I feel bad about half the time when i eat! good thing I still have the other half… and good thing we have beautiful hills to climb in Cal and beautiful weather….:)

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, that is a great perspective, Isabelle! I believe the attitude we eat with makes a huge difference! (No surprise that the US has such a high rate of obesity with the guilt so high). Oh, and the beautiful hills in Cal, I miss them! (and the bike path along the beach!) but we have gorgeous woods and hiking trails here, so I’m set!

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