Happy World Vegan Day!

vegan food pyramidDid you know that today is World Vegan Day? What does that mean, you ask? It means that vegans around the world are hoping people will consider eating vegan foods (no animal products), wearing vegan clothing (no fur or leather) and shoes (animal free mooshoes.com has options). Sound too overwhelming? I have a bit of experience here, as I lived vegan for 14 years. I started gradually taking animal products out of my diet when I was 18 years old and had already had many health issues having mainly to do with my reproductive system. Animal products have hormones in them, something to keep in mind, next time you are experiencing any hormonal/fertility issues. I felt better, lighter, cleaner, and I fell in love with soy, vegetables, almond milk, etc…!

So, why did I stop? With an ongoing health issue, I’ve tried many shifts in my diet and feel that if we listen to our bodies, they will let us know when we need a change. My change came just before I became pregnant, six years ago. I was feeling very fatigued and had a candida overgrowth in my intestines. I had to give up fermented foods (all my beloved soy products) for 90 days and with my dairy and egg allergy, I had only nuts and legumes as protein sources. I knew I had to eat some animal products to get me through this time.

I started with chicken broth, fish, and slowly got on some solid poultry. I noticed that I no longer had cold hands and feet! I also had a renewed energy level. When I was pregnant, just the task of eating enough seemed to take all day! So, animal proteins were again, working for me. I have to say, I am still not a big fan of animal protein, I just don’t drool over it, I love love love vegan food, but I find my body, for now, is asking for chicken, turkey, and fish for energy. So, I have vegan meals (at least one a day) and vegan days, and choose consciously as often as I can.

If you aren’t ready to tour a butchery or chicken farm and get grossed out into eating vegan, you can always go to your local health food store and buy hormone and cage free products. You can also put vegan meals into your diet (oatmeal with sunflower seeds, almond milk and fruit is a vegan breakfast! Pasta with veggies for dinner!)  If everyone did that for one meal a week, it would make a big difference on the impact of over grazing on our land and poorly treated animals, and it would be healthier, you may even lose a few pounds!

So, happy World Vegan Day! Eat some veggies! Wear something cotton! Reach for the Pleather! -Amy Roemer 11-1-10

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