I decided to expand on my facebook post today. “Arthritic conditions are representative of inflexibility. Many elderly people have these conditions as so many new ideas and technologies come into the world that they are fearful or hesitant to embrace. If you are experiencing arthritis, ask yourself, “Where in my life am I not being flexible?” As with all of my posts, I try to live what I write. If I post it, I try it. So, I thought I’d ask myself where in my life I am not being flexible. Not that I am experiencing arthritic conditions at the moment, but as I’ve done my yoga practice, I do notice that I am less flexible than I used to be 15 years ago! Yes, you could say that is my body just naturally aging. What if part of the “natural” aging process was that the more information we take in, the more we form and have opinions about them and the more we hear others conflicting opinions on said ideas and feel the need to know what our own idea is on that subject. The amount of media we are exposed to on a daily basis can make this a task we do hundereds of times a day! How do you feel about the parents of the 16 year old girl who was sailing around the world? Should they have let her go? Are they bad parents? Are they good parents? And, how do you feel about the BP Gulf oil spill? And how do you feel about how President Obama is handling the health care situations? And, I know it’s been years, but how do you feel about OJ???

Can ¬†you feel yourself getting tense just thinking about all of those questions? So, what to do? First. Choose very intentionally what you watch and read. I don’t watch the news or any program with commercials. How many times can you be bombarded with questions about your health and what pill you should take? Second, remember that everyone is human (well…allright, there are some aliens out there, William Shatner? but…) and we are all forming these opinions based on our own individual experiences of the world so far. I hope that people have compassion for my opinions and so I make an effort to have compassion for theirs. Third, I suggest, keep learning new things! Is there a new technology out there that you are afraid to learn? Take a class, buy a new gadget and learn how it works. This not only keeps us flexible and in a youthful state of mind, it keeps that mind of ours fresh and working well!

So, take a few minutes and ask yourself “Where in my life am I being inflexible?” , take a step toward being more flexible, and watch how you feel!

-Amy Roemer June 15, 2010

P.S. I love William Shatner!

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