Ayurvedic Sesame Oil Massage

Ayurvedic Sesame oil massage, as Dr. Parla Jayagopol taught me during a lecture in Los Angeles, is a beneficial daily technique for overall health. By massaging warmed sesame oil in the cool seasons and cool sesame oil in the hot seasons, you can bring relief of joint pain, skin conditions (eczema, dry skin, etc…), arthritis, and more. It is even said to give breasts better tone and shape! Sesame oil is made up of very small molecules which lift toxins up and out of your body. (Though some people use olive oil).

To give yourself or a loved one a Ayurvedic Sesame oil massage:

Get good quality sesame oil (preferably organic, as we are trying to remove toxins from the body, not add them)
Submerge the bottle in warm (or cool if it’s hot out) water, until it is just above (or below) body temperature
Stand on a towel or mat (in case of drips)
Place a small amount of sesame oil in your hand and rub your hands together, then massage your scalp (if you have time to wash your hair)
Then your face, ears, neck, and down your body from there
At all joints, move your hands in a circular motion. If you have any joint issues, continue to circle the joint for several (20-30 circles), this keeps your joints lubricated.
End with your feet
Wait 5 minutes, then take a hot shower and exfoliate with a loofah (plastic ones are fine)

That is the ideal, but you can also massage the oil into your face and joints for a quick massage and go! I love how my skin looks and feels after this! I use sesame oil instead of lotion often, as author Kevin Trudell says, don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t eat!-Amy Roemer 6-4-10

I like Spectrum Organic Sesame Oil, it runs about $8.39 for a 16 ounce bottle. http://www.spectrumorganics.com/?id=6#j57

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