Perspective is Everything

Today on my way to the woods, I first heard a police siren, you know that short bwoop -bwoop, not the long high-speed chase kind. I then saw a police car, lights flashing, had pulled over one of my neighbors in his driveway. He was standing arguing with the police officer. As I continued walking to the trail, I could clearly hear what they were saying to each other. The police officer was upset because the man had not pulled over right away “How did I know how far you were going to drive?!” he shouted. “I knew you would follow me!” The man insisted as he stood in front of the open door where his young child was sitting in a car seat.

Their voices drifted as I entered the woods. The grey-brown trees dark from the moisture of the snowstorm last night, the branches covered with a thick layer of snow, like the whole world had been frosted for some king’s birthday. How quickly I had left witnessing such a tense situation to seeing such peace and beauty. So, I thought, why did I see that today? I believe that everything that happens in our experience is a chance to learn, so what would I have to learn from these two men arguing over a traffic stop?

As I noticed deer and squirrel tracks in the new snow, I thought about the conflict and the two main characters. The police officer believed he was right. The man believed he was right. The truth, I believe, is they were both right, at least to themselves. The police officer would report that my neighbor did the wrong thing. The man would tell his friends about the crazy cop who pulled him over.

A woodpecker high up in a dead tree pecked away for his winter meal. I was circling back home, when I realized the lesson in what I had observed. As Aimee Mann, one of my favorite singer-songwriter’s, lyrics say “perspective is everything”. In every conflict, there is a truth to both sides of each story, a truth so strong that we will raise our voices, slam doors, turn to addictive behaviors, isolate and even cut ourselves completely off from each other. I was able to have a neutral perspective on the cop and my neighbor, I could see both truths.

So, perhaps from this perspective I had today, the next time I am in disagreement with someone, I will be open to not only my truth, but have compassion for their truth and to quote myself from my painting titled pure truth, “The truth exists pure somewhere…”. -Amy Roemer 2-22-10

Pure Truth by Amy Roemer

Pure Truth by Amy Roemer

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  1. admin says:

    Hopefully the glich is fixed and you are viewing my painting above, if not, visit click on gallery page 9 to see pure truth! Thanks for your patience! Amy Roemer

  2. Amy,
    You write beautifully…your opening few words conjures up all kinds of possibility for me and memories of the Maine woods behind my studio, and, the frosting for the king’s bd is brilliant.
    Yes, your gorgeous painted image of pure is very visible at the end of your post. Thank you for giving me new perspective today.

  3. BTW, if you add more images to your blog you will get ranked higher in SEO rankings. Your words create great visuals already, it’s true, so your pics are like icing on that king’s cake. :)

  4. Amy Roemer says:

    Thank you so much, Katy! I appreciate your words and input! :)

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